andrew Lord photographer

Old Skool Wood Saw Mill – Docu Photography
Denny from The New Limey Workshop visits the saw mill to choose his wood
A fascinating place
They don’t do it like this today
1 ton ash log cut to precise mm
Pulled through by hand
Thats mine
I didn’t think places like this existed anymore in our modern world
fascinating place run by a chappy with a unbelievable encyclopedic
knowledge of trees and wood. Setting a nearly 1 ton log up to cut mm perfect
 takes time and a lot of skill
Autumn 2012
Portraiture Photography Shoot
Late afternoon Nov decided to make the most of the last of autumn colours
i wanted to create a Bokeh effect – so banged the lens aperture wide open
so the 50mm was 1.8D and the 18-200 around 5.6 zoomed – the 1.8 is a nice prime lens and the bokeh effect  is rather nice – can you see the difference besides about £500  – Il try the 75-200 2.8 next
more portraiture visit
watch this space!